How to Have a Wedding During the COVID-19 Outbreak
You can live stream your wedding from anywhere

How to have a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You don’t have to postpone your wedding because of the COVID-19 prohibition on large gatherings or for guests.

NW Wedding spoke with Chad Winkler, owner of Lo-Cal Media Live Video Streaming in Portland, OR about how to share your wedding in real time with friends and relatives. Live stream your ceremony for your guests' to view as it happens! Whether you want to ensure your guests safety or if you’re having a small or destination wedding, live streaming your ceremony may be the perfect ticket for you to share your special day with guests who are unable to attend your event.

Live streaming, which is relatively new to the wedding industry when compared to traditional wedding videography, does require special equipment and hardware that allow your event to be captured and broadcast as it happens. Your wedding footage is automatically fed into a central device that ‘pushes out the stream’ so it appears on your choice of a website page, Facebook or YouTube for the guests you invite to view as it happens.

“ A live streaming wedding package could be the solution for you. ”
Live streaming is not a replacement for a videographer!

In fact, live streaming compliments and should work right alongside your traditional wedding videography. If you want all those cinematic shots of the close-ups that “rack focuses” on the couple dancing in the background, and the pan from the old oak tree to the bride and groom having a personal moment, you will need to hire a videographer. That is the expertise they bring to the table - that polished, ultra-edited, condensed highlight reel of your special day by shooting in a cinematic style. This creates the dramatic and/or artistic interpretation of the events. Shots are set up to create different looks, and captured sometimes in multiple takes, so they can have the right shots for the editing process. Videographers take the footage after the wedding and load it onto a computer to edit all the footage down in special post-production software, so they end up with highlight videos of varies lengths. This process often takes several weeks to get the completed video to view or share.

The live stream can also be recorded and trimmed down to make a documentary (rather than cinematic) highlight of the wedding from the highest video resolution footage. This may be an option for those who want both styles of video to remember or who will not have a videographer and still want to have a wedding video keepsake.

Wedding plans and budgets are challenging and stressful but keep in mind that there are creative ways out there to help you connect with all of your guests, regardless of where they (or you!) are. Live streaming can be a valuable option to help you share your amazing day as well as help provide solutions during difficult times. So whether you’re eloping, having a destination wedding, or if you’re limited on how many guests you can invite for whatever reason, live streaming your wedding may be an answer that allows you to share your special day with those people who are important to you.

Chad Winkler and Lo-Cal Media Live Video Streaming specialize in live streaming weddings for the entire Pacific Northwest and are available to travel to remote destinations.

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