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Buying Wedding Gowns


Preparing for a wedding is hardly ever cheap; booking a venue, paying for a caterer, the DJ, decorations are but some expenses involved in planning a wedding. This said, smart couples know not to break the bank when planning for a wedding and this they do by looking for smart ways to save on costs. However, in seeking to save on costs, some couples end up making some grave mistakes.

Nowadays, brides have all kinds of options when purchasing a wedding gown; from the traditional showroom experience to the more recent online hunt, both of which are unique in their way. Although most couples still go the more traditional route by locating professional wedding fitters, online purchase is a fast growing trend.

While buying a wedding dress online may appear to be an attractive idea, it might end up not being an attractive reality, and the primary reason for this is the lack of control over the quality or delivery of the wedding gown. Below is a list of the potential pitfalls which you have to take note of when buying a wedding dress online:

“ Buying from a boutique will give you a level of aftercare, you just cannot get when you buy online. ”

A quick search for “cheap bridal dresses” brings up countless websites, several on auction sites offering, supposedly cheaper alternatives to genuine designer wedding gowns and promising exact copies. However, most of these sites offer cheap but highly inferior gowns fraught with issues- instead of using lace from Sinem or Romy, what arrives is polyester from China. And not only that, the size, shape, and color are often not what you hoped for.

There are videos online of several disappointed brides sharing their wedding dress nightmares, and if you don’t want to be one of them, you would have to think and watch very carefully.


Delay in the delivery of goods ordered is another danger which couples might become victims of when they choose to make the purchase of their wedding gowns online. This risk is heightened if the good you are ordering is coming from another country as sometimes the product may get lost in the bustle of immigration and even when there’s an option for a refund, so much time may have already been lost.


Making purchases for a wedding ceremony is a largely complicated affair and sometimes, what’s ideal today may not be tomorrow, so it’s not uncommon to find couples asking for replacements or even refunds for purchases which they have made.

When you go the route of an online purchase, you don’t have the leisure of swapping the wedding gown or asking for a refund whenever you want. Apart from the fact that most of the sites where people make purchases are barely reputable so getting a new gown or your money back won’t be easy, there’s also the factor of time which will be lost in the process.

Finally, you deserve a great experience. Whatever your budget may be, there’s a dress out there for you stocked in one of the several boutiques in your locale or even your independent wedding dress maker. You owe it to yourself to have a nice experience, as well as get a dress worthy of your investment at the same time. Buying from a boutique will give you a level of aftercare, like alterations and gown preparation, you just cannot get when you buy online.

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