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Incorporating Feng Shui for your wedding

Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Color Choices Can Generate Good Luck

Often attributed as a way to achieve harmony, the art of Feng Shui incorporates complimentary colors, shades and energies that are supportive of each other as a way to achieve balance within the universe. On such an important day as the uniting of a couple, adding favorable colors will help give your day and future together a harmonious and auspicious start.

The color pairing of black (yin or female) and white (yang or male) exemplifies the Tai Chi symbol for Yin and Yang. When a man wears a black tuxedo it harmonizes and balances his male energy with the female color. Likewise, the bride wears white so her female energy is balanced with the yang or male color white.

While few brides and grooms venture far from the traditional pairing of white and black for their wedding base colors, where their color choices can go awry is in the accent or supporting colors for a wedding. Here are some color combinations that generate good luck to help guide you in choosing the best colors for your wedding.

“ The color pairing of black (yin or female) and white (yang or male) exemplifies the Tai Chi symbol for Yin and Yang. ”
Color combinations that create good luck:
  • A yang color (i.e. red) with its yin version (i.e. pink) are always good, safe choices. Others include: dark blue/light blue, purple/lavender, dark green/light green.
  • Red and green together represent harmony, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Yellow and red represent the Feng Shui pairing for harmony, good social standing, and wealth.
  • Metallic colors with yellow represent bliss, creativity and fertility.
  • Greens with blues are perfect together representing future growth and longevity.
  • Blues with metallic colors are well-suited for each other promoting progress and creativity.
  • Purples with metallics represent great wealth, abundance and financial success.
Color combinations that weaken good luck:
  • Greens and metallic colors
  • Red and blue.
  • Black and red.
  • Green and yellow
  • Yellow and blue.
  • Red and metallic colors.

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