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Article Submission Process: What to Include in Your Article Submission

  1. Please fill out the information on our submissions form as completely as you can. We use your information to contact you or to post Author Credit for you with your article should we choose it to publish on our site.
  2. Our aim is to feature local businesses and professionals as much as possible so including your location with your article can be conducive to getting it chosen for publication.
  3. Your submission ideally should be 500-700 words and be original content not published elsewhere except on your own blog.
  4. If we pick your submission for publication we will contact you for any complimentary images and put a vendor credit to you on the article with a link to your website listing your business name and where you’re located. You’re welcome to link back to your published article to enhance your own professional standing and expertise.
  5. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension of the article from our site.
  6. Please respect copyright laws and get explicit permission from the photographer before submitting any photographs for publication. We carefully curate the types of images that we put up. Any image supplied to us should be able to stand alone or work as a collection. Consistency in color, tone, style and execution are incredibly important.
  7. Many of our articles (but not all), are shared via our Social Media pages as well and can expand the reach of both the links to your business and the impact of your article on local couples planning weddings.
  8. In the article submission box on our form, please provide a brief summary description of your submission at the top of your article. Within the description, we request you include the inspiration or the special touches that made this idea something you felt worth sharing, the sources where some of the great details were found, any DIY projects that were done. The more info we have, and the more unique attributes, the better. Dig deep and find the coolness. We can take it.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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