Tips for Wedding Planning When You Work
Wedding Planning at Work

Wedding Planning When You Work During the Day Tips

Planning a wedding often requires you connect with vendors during business hours, but what if you’re at work during those hours? To effectively get your wedding preparations completed and without getting in big trouble with your boss and colleagues, we’ve got some tips that may help.

Communicate with your boss early in the planning process. Once you and your fiancé set the date, you'll know just how much time you have to plan your wedding. Make an estimate of the amount of time you'll need out of the office so that you can present an organized picture of your needs for time off well in advance to help your employer arrange schedules to accommodate your requests for time off. The more notice you can give to your employer, the more likely your employer will be to willingly accommodate you.

“ Write out a daily schedule every day of what you hope to accomplish or need to do for that day. ”

Maintain your professionalism. Your co-workers will probably be a little forgiving, but you'll still have to show respect for them and shoulder your responsibilities. Wedding planning at work should not be at the expense of the quality or quantity of your work and you should not expect your colleagues to cover for you or take on your assigned duties, no matter how close you might

Schedule your leave time well in advance. Unless you’re planning a wedding on very short notice, you'll probably have sufficient time to plan your leave dates well in advance and submit them to your employer for approval. You’ll need time off for your honeymoon, but it is wise to consider a few half days here and there for gown fittings or meeting up with vendors. It might also be wise to schedule a few individual days off closer to your wedding date to take care of all the things you’ll need to do at the last minute.

Take full advantage of your commuting time. If you don’t drive to work, this is a great time to research potential wedding ideas and merchants, check Pinterest boards, and email vendors and friends about your wedding plans.

Get to work 45 minutes to an hour early. First of all, you will be fresh and invigorated early in the day with lots of energy, unlike working late at night. While it may be too early to contact vendors specifically you may be able to get some of your work responsibilities completed freeing up a little of your time to work on your wedding preparations during the normal business day. Both your boss and your co-workers will notice you’re putting in longer hours and be less inclined to criticize you if they catch you sending a personal email or looking at non-work-related websites during the day.

Write out a daily schedule every day of what you hope to accomplish or need to do for that day. One of the secrets of how highly successful people get so much done is they make lists and keep schedules religiously. Move down the list methodically, and you'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish within a short time, like during your lunch hour. Focusing on the tasks on your list mean you don’t have to waste time trying to decide what to do next, plus it won’t seem like you’re working on personal business all day during business hours. Being able to check items off as you complete them will make you feel like you’re making progress and accomplishing your goals.

Take periodic small breaks throughout the day. These aren't just great for increasing productivity, they are also good for making quick phone calls to your vendors or sending out e-mails via your phone... step out to an area where you know you won't be overheard. Even if someone does notice, you’ll appear more professional by stepping away from your desk to make those calls.

8. Realistically, you won't always be able to keep wedding planning to strictly non-office hours, but you don’t have to broadcast it, or make it obvious that you’re working on personal things. A little surreptitious diplomacy can go a long way to keeping the boss and your co-workers from knowing your working on something other than official business. Good things to keep in mind are:

  • Its best not to bring your wedding folder or fabric swatches into work. If you must have them, leave them in your vehicle or away from your desk until lunch or after normal work hours.
  • Keep the volume on your computer low and keep an eye out for people walking behind you.
  • Be ready to toggle between browser tabs and be mindful of your company’s Internet policies! If your online habits are being monitored, it would probably not be a good idea to spend hours cruising wedding websites!

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