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The significance of color for your wedding

The Significance of Different Color Options for Your Wedding

When a bride plans her wedding, one of the first decisions a new bride often makes is to choose the colors for her wedding palette. She often pays close attention to some of the common traditions hoping to incorporate her own special meaning in the details. As you decide on your wedding color palette, here are some insights into the different historical, cultural and spiritual connotations of some of the colors you may wish to choose to help you add the meaning and significance you wish to impart at your wedding.


Bright white is often the principal choice for wedding gowns in Western cultures and traditionally has been equated to representing purity and innocence. It also represents truth and completeness. An all-white wedding can be stunningly elegant, both during winter months where it can be accented with snowy landscapes and in summer where it can inspire coolness against the heat.

Ivories & Creams

Off white shades, like ivory or creams were once interpreted as tainted innocence but are considered less so in current times. Today’s brides often opt for softer white tones to enhance their natural coloring while keeping to the traditional white wedding gown theme. Creams and ivory shades impart warmth and hope over the more dramatic true white.

“ While styles and fashion trends come and go, every wedding is unique and can have meanings exclusive to each couple. ”

Blue shades, from the palest sky blue to elegant deep navy are the colors attributed to the sky and sea and represent serenity, peace and loyalty. For a wistful, dreamy setting opt for a lighter blue and for a formal traditional ambiance select a darker tone like midnight or navy blue. Midrange tones for most colors are invigorating and energetic. If that’s your intention, go with a royal or brighter blue hue.


In some cultures, green is used to signify fertility and symbolically it is considered the color of nature, balance and growth imparting a feeling of serenity. From pale spring green that reflects the new birth of spring flowers, to the richness of emerald tones reflecting the maturity of the earth’s bounty, all green shades impart a peacefulness. Traditionally using green in a wedding indicates growth, prosperity and longevity.


Reds, crimsons and burgundy are dramatic colors that suggests confidence, passion, power and a sense of adventure. In many Asian cultures, red signifies good luck and good fortune and is often used in weddings. Red tones are a perfect color for couples who wish to impart a dramatic and romantic feel.


Once the color of royalty because purple dyes were rare and expensive to manufacture, purples, plums, violets and lavenders represent imagination, creativity, enchantment, whimsy and luxury, and range from the deep and vibrant to pale and delicate. If you’re looking to impart a whimsical flavor to your wedding, or hope to use a monochromatic palette, purples in different shades compliment each other very well.


Often underutilized as a wedding color, yellow as a primary color for your wedding or an accent color has been on the rise in recent times. Yellow’s meaning can change with the strength of the hue and represents sunshine, summer, cheerfulness and wisdom in the brighter shades, while the lighter buttery shades are synonymous with warmth, spring and hope.


Ranging in shades from bright and cheery to pale and feminine, oranges represent cheerfulness, optimism, youthful energy and warmth. Infuse your wedding with shades of orange to emphasize the positive energy you wish to impart.


From vibrant magenta, to a medium gentle rose to the palest blush, pinks are one of the most popular choices for wedding colors as they traditionally represent love, devotion, gentile femininity and elegance. Pink shades are an excellent way to create a romantic flair for any wedding.


From deep chocolaty brown to a more neutral taupe, brown is another earth tone and is representative of security, stability, comfort and home and hearth. It can be an excellent accent color to help ground and impart warmth and sophistication to your color palette.


Blacks and grays are the height of sophistication in color combinations and add chicness, drama and mystery to a color palette for your wedding. Blacks represent formality, boldness, strength, ambition and sophistication. The pairing of white and black or grey will impart elegance and a dramatic sense of mystery to your wedding celebration.

While styles and fashion trends come and go, color can help every wedding be unique and have meanings exclusive to each couple. Considering the importance of the day, it makes sense to choose colors that are both harmonious and significant to the individual couple’s dreams for success.

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