Making the First Wedding Dance Special
Wedding first dance


One of the most romantic moments of any wedding reception, the traditional first dance of the bride and groom, is an often-overlooked important detail in planning your wedding. Planning your first dance together is a significant special aspect to include in your preparations. You’ll both be the center of attention as you gracefully sway to your favorite melody that symbolizes your love for each other and the beginning of your new life as a couple. From choosing the music to being prepared to dance stylishly in front of your guests, here are some tips to help you prepare for your grand entrance into the world of being a married couple.

Work with your music provider and wedding planner, but typically the first dance starts the evenings dancing portion of the reception and begins after the meal is finished. This allows a more relaxed pace while everyone is eating, but then instantly shifts into a higher gear once you hit the dance floor for your first dance. This also signals to your guests that its time to get out of their seats to celebrate your wedding with you.

Some couples prefer to introduce themselves as a couple at the start of the reception in what is often called a grand entrance and then head to the dance floor for their first dance. This can create a great energy in the room but can be more awkward when it comes to transitioning from dining to dancing neatly for your guests. One solution is to then use the Father Daughter and/or Mother Son dance after the meal to signal to guests that the dancing portion of your reception has begun and get the party started.

“ ...typically the first dance starts the evenings dancing portion of the reception. ”

A good first dance song should have some significance for you as a couple, whether its your favorite love song or not. Music with a clear strong beat to it will be easier to dance to. Do listen to the lyrics of any song you pick to be sure they’re both wedding appropriate and don’t have any hidden, negative meanings or inappropriate language in them. Your band or DJ will probably have playlists and suggestions for songs for your first dance and other important dance numbers (father daughter dance, mother son dance) as well. Ideally the first dance song should be no more than 3 minutes long. With all eyes upon you two, time will seem to move slowly as you show off your skills on the floor. Your emcee or wedding planner may also choose to invite guests to join you on the dance floor after the first minute or so to help take the pressure of your solo performance off of you too.


Whether it’s a simple waltz or a sumptuous Samba, you may find this to be the time to take some dance lessons! You’ll learn how to hold a proper dance position and some great moves to give you a more polished look as you make your entrance into the world of married life. Besides being a fun way to interact as a couple for your future life together, taking some couple time to perfect your technique can help with the stress of all the planning details too. Many dance studios offer special wedding dance packages with professional dance instructors for wedding couples that include 2-8 class sessions tailor fit to helping you get ready to dance confidently and elegantly at your wedding reception. Dance lessons are an investment that can benefit you through the rest of your life as well. .


Make your grand entrance to the dance floor elegant! Stand tall, keep your head up and enter the dance floor graciously with confidence. Once you get to the middle of the dance floor, pause a few seconds while looking into your partner’s eyes to listen to the music before you start dancing. Smile while you keep looking at each other and keep smiling, so the photographer can capture some great images of you two embarking on your new life as a married couple.


Even professional dancers make missteps sometimes. It is fairly common for beginners to use the wrong foot or step on the wedding dress at some point during the dance, but that’s okay. Your guests won’t notice as long as you stay calm, continue dancing and enjoy yourself.


The ending of your first dance can be even more memorable for both you and your guests if you add the flair of practicing a dramatic dip or twirl as your final move on the floor.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. With a little planning and practice, your wedding dance can be just as special.

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