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Making the Most of Your Wedding Coordinator:

Wedding planners help minimize the stress of planning a wedding

So you have a wedding to prepare, and a coordinator or planner to help you. That’s great! But literally anyone who has been married would know that this does not in any way eliminate the anxiety that comes with wedding preparations. You will stress out about everything, but the difference is that there will be someone to insure that everything’s under control. Still, there are ways by which the perfectionist in you can stay on top of your wedding, and here are just some of them:

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

The more information your wedding coordinator has, the better they can do the job you need and want them to do for you. Actually, become best friends with your coordinator. Like in any good relationship, the success of your engagement is built on trust and like in any other relationship that trust is built on the confidence that they know ‘you’ and what you like and want. It takes work and communication to build that confidence and trust, so take the time to tell your coordinator all the little details that make you who you are. Your wedding coordinator will be eager to get to know you at a personal level so they can bring touches of your personality to even the smallest of details. Remember, a successful wedding is not just about the couple; it is also a product of a healthy partnership between the couple and the coordinator. So another must-do for any team is to always, always Which brings us to the next point:

Be clear on what you want.

Have a clear, specific vision of how you want your wedding to be, and communicate that vision as early as the day you first meet your coordinator. Having a good grasp of the big picture is as important as getting the minute details right. This should be the one of the first things you discuss with the team you book for your wedding. This clearly specified vision will also guide everyone throughout the entire process and will help prevent a lot of miscommunication and poor decisions.

“ Your big day involves good planning and the use of a good checklist. ”
Keep a checklist and update it regularly.

If you’re a person who likes to keep things organized and derives pleasure in ticking that little checkbox on a to-do list, then you probably have a checklist by now. If you don’t, what are you waiting for? One helpful tip is to have a joint checklist with your coordinator, maybe through a shared document in Google Docs. It’s a good way for you to constantly monitor how preparations are going, and for your coordinator to check if anything is missing or needs to be done, even in days when you’re not together. See our lists of free checklists in the navigation menu above too.

Meet everyone working on your wedding.

Usually it’s the coordinator’s job to find contractors for the flowers, photos, food, music, decorations, and all the other people who would help make your wedding a perfect one. But it’s best practice to meet these people working on your wedding before the big day. This way, you can give them direct instructions or requests, and you can also personally thank them for their work.

Different people have different ways of coping with the stress that comes with wedding preparations, but the first thing every soon-to-be-married person should do is learn to have confidence in the professionals they’ve hired. This isn’t the first wedding for your vendors and they want your wedding to be just as perfect as you do, for you. Hiring a professional wedding planner, along with professional photographers, caterers, florists, and other professional vendors is meant to relieve you of as much worry as possible. Trust them to do their jobs and carry out your vision for you, and allow yourself to relax. This is supposed to be the best day of your life, not the most stressful. Enjoy it.

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