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Prepare for your Hair & Makeup Trial Run

Wedding Hair & MakeUp

If you’ve clicked this article, odds are, you’re getting married in a few months or so and you’re not sure how you should fully prep yourself for a hair or makeup trial run. This list I’ve curated will help you get ready for your appointment and your artist will THANK you!

“ Don’t let your appointment go to waste. I always recommend booking an appointment before a night out or event so that you can really get wear out of your look! ”

  1. Schedule a wax or sugaring appointment with a tried and trusted specialist. Or if you can handle threading, that is a great option, too. Fine hairs and peach fuzz can prevent the makeup from looking smooth and clean. Especially with today’s technology in photography, hair may be more noticeable in pictures.
  2. Exfoliate and moisturize. (Or if you’re having facials regularly, schedule your next one a few days before you meet with your artist). You don’t want dry patches or flakiness – your makeup will only be as good as the condition of your skin and the artist’s job is to enhance your features and take your beautiful skin up several notches.
  3. Wear a top that has the same neckline and color as your dress. If your dress is backless, maybe you want to wear your hair up to show it off. Detailed necklines are better paired with a hairstyle that is off your shoulders or half-up/half-down. Of course, this is entirely up to you!
  4. Whiten to Brighten. Some lipstick colors can alter the brightness of your teeth. Certain shades of pink and red can give the look of an unpleasant yellow hue to your smile. To prevent this, I love to use the gentle Crest Whitening Strips.
  5. Don’t let your appointment go to waste. I always recommend booking an appointment before a night out or event so that you can really get wear out of your look.
  6. Tip your stylist always. This one should be expected and if you’re not sure how much to tip, (15%-20%) is a good rule of thumb and your artist will be so grateful. It is a luxury service after all.
  7. Mood boards are a must! Artists hear all the time “I have no idea what I want” – And that’s OK! We’re here to help. However, we want to provide you with the best experience possible and that starts with you. Create a hair and makeup board on Pinterest and pin images you like and don’t like. There is also an option to invite your artist via email so they can see everything on your board ahead of time.
  8. Keep lighting and temperature in mind. Are you having your wedding in the morning, afternoon or evening? Are you and your fiancé eloping in the mountains or having an intimate destination wedding? Lighting, humidity, wind, and heat are major factors to consider and should be discussed with your artist. What techniques are they using to ensure your look holds up in any condition? Ask how they can accommodate these situations.
  9. Clean or dirty? I’m talking hair here. You will have the best hair day on your big day if your hair is washed and air dried the night before. Doing this will allow your natural oils to condition your scalp prior to styling. Do not apply any product to your hair unless your stylist advises otherwise. Most hair stylists prefer hair that is clean and dry. Having wet hair adds more time you could use toward the end of your appointment for adjustments. *Tip: You should also schedule a trim no less than 2 weeks before your wedding so your hair has a chance to “relax” from its fresh cut.
  10. Cats and Dogs. We love your fur babies – For a trial run you don’t want to waste time getting up to let your dog in and out of the back door. We want them to be safe as well – styling should take place in a well ventilated area to exhaust the chemicals in the hairspray. And your pets shouldn’t be anywhere near the hot tools or kit (for safety and sanitary purposes). It’s best to have someone home to keep an eye on them or make arrangements for a sitter.
  11. Opinions are welcome – but its your day. You’re already anxious to have your makeup done for one of the most important days of your life. Try to choose just 1 person to offer support and aid in decision making. It also keeps the appointment more personal and it gives you a chance to really know your artist.
  12. Bring the essentials. Veil, hair accessories, and jewelry could make a difference when choosing your final look. Don’t leave your accessories at home, you’ll thank me later.
  13. Share your photographers portfolio. It is crucial that your artist understands your photographers editing style to ensure your makeup translates perfectly in your wedding pictures. Is your photographer’s style light and airy? Vivid and crisp? Moody with deeper tones? Your makeup needs to applied appropriately for this as well. The wrong nude lipstick could make your lips non-existent. It’s better to go over this with your artist so you feel confident on your big day.
  14. Lash extensions. Never have an artist glue false lashes on top of your lash extensions. The glue is much harder to take off when its dried between your lashes. Trust me you don’t want to have to pick the glue off at the end of the night – its painful and messy. It’s much easier in the long run to just make an appointment ahead of time with your salon than to worry about this later.

This article brought to you by:
Arianna Scott, Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist | 206.769.0677 | | Seattle, WA

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