wedding ring resizing tips

Selecting a Jeweler to Resize Your Ring

There are many factors to assure you that a ring resizing “expert” is actually good at what they do. Resizing a ring is delicate procedure. Depending on the ring setting, stones and size of the band, sometimes resizing can be complicated. Stones can be loosened or misaligned or even damaged during the resizing process and engravings can be distorted. Not just any jeweler is up for the task. It’s best to hire the expertise of a seasoned jeweler.

“ Price is what you pay but value is what you get.” - Warren Buffet
Here are some tips to help you choose a quality, experienced jeweler.

1. Ask friends and relatives for referrals Ask your friends, relatives and/or colleagues if they have had their ring resized or if they have a relationship with a good professional jeweler they can recommend you to. Many people return to the same jeweler for special purchases and gifts over the years and have built a trusted relationship with their jeweler.

2. Jewelry stores are an excellent time to ‘buy local’… Locally-owned jewelry stores usually have an expert, certified jeweler on staff or are owned by expert jewelers and are usually the best at ring resizing projects as well as any future purchases you may make. They take pride in their workmanship and service and hope to earn your business in the future by providing you with knowledgeable quality care. They usually do the work ‘in-house’ themselves rather than ship it off to a factory somewhere with jewelry technicians who aren’t vested in your business or you as a customer.

3. Chain or Mall Jewelers Large chain jewelers or mall-based jewelry stores are typically sales showrooms and won’t have a professional jeweler on site. They will typically ship your ring out to their factory for any repairs or resizing, sometimes with less than stellar results.

4. A traveling personal jeweler Many reputable jewelers can visit you at your home. They may have an office, or work for a jewelry store or two, but they often offer specialized service by ‘coming to you’.

wedding ring jeweler tips

5. Be selective Whichever jeweler you decide to choose, make sure you get a sense that they care about your jewelry and have both the willingness and skill to deal with any challenges that come with resizing your ring.

6. Don’t be cheap! A resized ring should look beautiful when complete. There should be no misalignment in its stones, prongs or the color of the shank. The engravings, if any, should not appear blurred and there should be no compromise to the overall ring quality. Do not compromise on this aspect just to save a few bucks. Your ring is a valuable piece of jewelry and should be treated as such.

7. Ask for your Cutout Do not hesitate to ask them for your ring cutout when you are reducing the ring’s size. The Cutout is the piece of extra metal which is “cut out” when down-sizing your ring. Someday you may want to up-size your ring, so having the original matching piece of metal will make it easier and cheaper to do. A reputed jeweler will not hesitate giving it back to you.

8. Online Ring Resizing Services Several online jewelry stores offer sales and servicing online. You should be careful with an unknown business before sending them a valuable piece of jewelry. Read through their entire website. Read their testimonials. Google for reviews about the company. Is there a number you can reach them at? And be sure to pay extra for insurance and a confirmation receipt/signature.

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