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Six Unusual Recommendations to Help Your Wedding Go Smoothly!

Address thank-you notes ahead of time for guests who send a gift prior to the big day. This time-saving tip will give you one less thing to do post-wedding. Acquaintances or friends of relatives may want to give you a present even if they weren’t invited to your big day, so thanking them when you receive their gift ensures that you won’t be scrambling to keep track of those thank-you’s that you forgot to add to your guest-list doc. Really smart is addressing your thank you note envelopes when you address the invitations. It will be so much easier to send out those important thank you notes if you do!

Keep Your Out-of-Town Guests Close to Your Reception Location - When you go to select your venue, take into consideration out of town guests accommodations and transportation. This is especially important if you’re expecting a lot of out of town guests to attend. Not only is this being a thoughtful hostess, but it can save you in transportation costs to and from the ceremony and reception too. By selecting and contacting a specific hotel for all your expected guests you may be able to arrange special pricing called ‘group rates’ for each of them that they should appreciate. Some hotels might also be willing to transport your guests to and from the ceremony with the hotel transportation for little or no charge.

Speeches - Get someone you trust to pre-listen to wedding speeches too. And be sure to pick someone who isn’t afraid to speak up if a speech is a little too colorful or not in the best of taste. Far better to guide those speakers before they’ve had several glasses of champagne than regret knowing what they thought was humorous later.

“ Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! You don’t want to miss any of the details. ”

Your SHOES!! We recommend that you bring THREE pairs of shoes to your wedding! You’ll need your ‘walk down the aisle’ shoes, of course, but bring a back up pair of heels or wedges and a pair of flats. You can then give your tootsies a rest as the day and night wears on, or if you break a heel, it won’t be a major tragedy.

Other recommendations include if your wedding is outdoors on a grass or uneven surface, bring a sole protector with you like SoleMates™. SoleMates™ are available on Amazon and at other retailers but they protect your heels from uneven surfaces and help you walk comfortably.

And Don’t Invite the Blisters! There are also several blister prevention products on the market as well. Using one could mean you’ll still be dancing contentedly into the wee hours! They are available in most drug stores and on Amazon.

Make a Plan with Your Fiance for Family Gatherings and Social Activities – You’re a couple now so start your bonding by ‘working together’ at your wedding. Have a secret safe word or gesture that each of you can use to let the other one know you need them to intercede for you with overly enthusiastic and perhaps inebriated guests or relatives. Maybe have another one that just indicates ‘help!’ so they can rescue you in tricky situations or just help you escape whatever you’ve landed in. Start the process of becoming one unit by working on your own code words and looks to communicate above and beyond the obvious and it may be something you are glad you did as it will transcend time and come in handy over the years.

Plan a Peaceful Night Before the Wedding - We highly recommend that you spend the night before the wedding in a hotel, with a big tub and possibly room service too. You’ll have a chance to de-stress, get some needed solitude and have a chance to savor your morning of the big day reflecting on all you have achieved and your future of wedded bliss.

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