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Wedding Gown Preservation
Tips to Choose A Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Service

Traditionally, brides kept their dress for both the memories it represented and for future generations to utilize for their own weddings. More modern traditions include some brides prefer to repurpose their dress into cocktail attire or even lingerie, while some choose to ‘trash’ their dress during a fun photo shoot to add to their memories of their wedding.

If you decide you wish to keep the dress that represents so much love and happiness, getting it properly preserved is very important. Wedding dress preservation and standard dry-cleaning are not the same thing! A wedding dress is usually intricately designed and made of delicate fabrics that require special cleaning techniques, handling and care. Professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation is key to making sure you dress lasts a lifetime.

Here are some important things to know about cleaning and preserving your wedding dress:
“ Wedding dress preservation and standard dry-cleaning are not the same thing! ”

Wedding gown preservation begins with an experienced fabric specialist’s analyzation and assessment to create a unique treatment plan based upon your dress’s fabric, stitching and details. Any stains are analyzed and treated specifically with an overall goal of giving your dress new life without harming any of the details.

Some professional dry cleaners offer specialized wedding dress cleaning and preservation, but its wise to be sure they use virgin solvents which typically are safer and cleaner than the typical solvents used in the dry-cleaning process for most clothing. There are companies that specialize in wedding dress cleaning and preservation and it might be wise to look into those too.

Research the cleaning company’s policies carefully. It is important to know how long they guarantee the preservation process to last, but you also want someone who will guarantee they won’t do any damage in the preservation process and if damage is done, you want to be sure your compensated for the cost of the dress, not just the preservation process.

Pay attention to any specific dry-cleaning instructions on your dress’s label too. Make sure that whomever you choose to clean your gown has the appropriate solutions and can follow the label’s care instructions.

Sooner is far better than later when it comes to getting your dress to the cleaners! It really is important to get your dress into the cleaner as soon as possible before any stains get the chance to set. If you’re going to be off on your honeymoon, perhaps one of your family members or a bridesmaid can drop your dress at the cleaners while you’re gone.

It is a significant expense to clean and preserve your wedding dress. Because of the extra care involved to protect your beautiful gown, the average wedding preservation kit costs $250 to $750.

Once cleaned and preserved, typically your dress will be returned to you in an airtight box for storage. These professionally created storage boxes are made from acid free materials that prevent moisture and yellowing and help keep your dress in ‘like new’ condition for many years. It is highly recommended that you do not break the seal on this box, and you store it away from direct sunlight or moisture. Keeping your specially boxed, cleaned and preserved gown in an acid free dedicated wedding chest is the safest way to store your bridal gown.

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