Custom Wedding Suits & Tuxedoes are Cool!
Men's Custom Wedding Wear

Custom Wedding Suits & Tuxedoes are Cool!

Until recently, made-to-measure suiting was only in the realm of the well-to-do and was typically beyond the budgetary allocations of many men. Well it’s time to rethink the process! Custom suits may never be quite as cheap as the ready-made alternatives but as technology aided measuring figures in to the pricing, made-to-measure suits are now much more affordable; enough so to take seriously, especially since nothing will ever make you look better, feel better, or walk taller. It’s an investment. Unlike a wedding dress that is only worn once, you can wear your custom-tailored suit or tuxedo for many years to come. And it is entirely possible to get a completely made-to-measure suit or tuxedo for $600 - $900!

It’s much easier than you might think too. Your tailor will take the time to listen to you and your vision and provide attentive customer service. It takes 15-30 minutes to get measured, and then the fun part begins, choosing your individual style choices, from fabric, to linings to special monograms to stitching and then a few weeks later you receive a new suit made exactly to fit your body and styled to your specific taste.

Men's Custom Formal Wear

Here are some of the benefits of ordering a custom made suit for your wardrobe:

Perfect Fit - The key to looking good in a suit is how well it fits. The fit and contour of the lines in a custom suit will compliment your body and physique. Your custom suit will feel comfortable because its cut to your measurements. Knowing you look your best will buoy your confidence in your appearance.

A custom fit is completely different when compared to an off-the-rack suit. With a custom-tailored suit, the suit matches your dimensions, even if your shoulders aren’t even or you need a wider neck, your custom-tailored suit will enhance all of your best features.

“ You should feel your absolute best on your wedding day. ”

Quality Materials - Custom tailored suits allow you to choose from a much wider variety of materials that are often better-quality fabrics than ready-made suits offer. You’ll have choices of fabric for linings and thread that you’ll never see in a ready-made suit too.

Individualized Style Options - Off-the-rack suits do not offer much in a variety of style, even the best men’s formal dress stores will not have every suit style available on the rack. With a custom tailor, your suit can be made according to any style and with any fabric that you choose helping you create your own unique, inimitable statement. There is no limit to what you can ask for; custom linings, stitching, pockets, lapels, monograms, buttons, whatever you need, a tailor can deliver the style and material you want.

Save Time and Get What You Want - Browsing through one or two stores to try on several poorly fitting suits can be a headache. The entire fitting and selection process with your custom tailor is designed to be easy on you. Set your appointment, spend ten or fifteen minutes getting fitted, choose your fabrics and then come back in a few weeks when the suit is ready for the final adjustments. The whole procedure can take less than an hour and makes a much bigger impact than any off-the-rack suit.

Superior Workmanship - Your suit will not only fit beautifully, it’ll be made to last and provide you with service and style for many years to come. Part of the cost of a custom-tailored suit is the suit is made with quality materials and handmade with professional care. And all the memories created in it were created by you.l by stepping away from your desk to make those calls.

Men's Wedding Suits

Dawn Greenwell, of Klein, Epstein & Parker, specialists in made-to-measure men’s wear with a new location in Portland and opening soon in Seattle suggests that you make an appointment for all your groomsmen and make a party out of getting your made-to-measure suits.

You should feel your absolute best on your wedding day. A perfectly fitted suit makes a statement about who you are and what you value in your appearance. It gives you a feeling of self-confidence as it sits your body perfectly and knowing your look is everything you want and more.

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