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20 Unique Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Wedding Guests .

You invite special people to your wedding so they can share in the celebration of one of the most wonderful days of your life. Give them some excitement and fun by planning a few unique details that will make your wedding the most memorable event your guests have ever seen.

Ask guests to bring pictures of their own weddings.

Give guests the opportunity to share their own wedding memories while decorating your venue. Photos from decades gone by are especially fun. You can gather the photos before the wedding day and place them in elegant frames, or you can do something more casual like a corkboard.

Shape your seating.

Wedding seating doesn't have to be in rows. As long as you have freestanding chairs, you can place them in any shape you like. Hold your ceremony in the center of a heart or a swirl. Spell out your initials or create an infinity symbol. The options are endless.

“Create Your Own Magical Forest!”

Use real, or fake, trees.

Create your own magical forest by bringing trees into your venue. You can get real trees delivered in pots, or you can use a piece of art that looks like a tree. Trees are beautiful symbols of family and longevity, making them perfect for a wedding. They also look pretty in pictures.

Hang a camopy of lights.

Lighting is an important part of wedding décor, and strings of white lights can be stunning. Take the drama up a notch by decorating the entire ceiling with a canopy of white lights. It will create a romantic mood and wow your guests.

Plant a living wall.

Greenery and live plants are a current trend in wedding décor. Bring this style to your wedding in an exciting way by standing in front of a wall of plants as you say your vows. Your florist can help you with this if you're not sure how to start.

Build your aisle over some water.

Water can be both dramatic and romantic and will quickly bring your wedding décor to a new level. Choose a venue with a pool or fountain and construct a bridge across the space. You and your wedding party will make a beautiful picture walking over the water.

Show a surprising splash of color.

Adding a pop of color is a great trend in wedding wear. Grab your guests' attention by hiding some color under your dress. Colorful ruffles will peek out when you move, offering a little bit of fun to an otherwise traditional gown.

“Wear a glamorous floppy hat instead of a veil!”

Wear a floppy hat.

Oversized headwear is on trend for brides and a floppy hat would be just the right piece to top off your garden wedding attire. Tie a silk ribbon around the brim or add flowers to dress it up.

Honor special people in a unique way.

As a couple getting married, you probably have many people to thank. Find a way to express your love and gratitude as part of the wedding. This could mean suddenly stopping the ceremony to deliver a big bouquet of flowers to your mom, or it could be using a large photograph of your grandparents as part of your décor.

Create an instant photo guestbook.

Leave an instant camera next to your guestbook and have an attendant ready to take pictures as each guest enters the venue. Guests can sign their names under the picture, and you will have a wonderful way of remembering who was in attendance on your big day.

Create custom courtesy baskets for the restrooms.

Give your guests a surprise in the bathroom by gathering miniature toiletry items to use or take. Include products like mini-deodorants, mouthwash, scented sprays, hand sanitizer, hairspray and anything else you can think of that someone might use to freshen up.

Hang a disco ball.

If you love a party, this is a great way to set the stage for a personalized wedding where guests can relax and enjoy themselves. A disco ball signals fun.

Hire a specialized mixologist.

If you and your guests enjoy cocktails, hire a knowledgeable mixologist instead of an ordinary bartender. A mixologist can create special drinks for your guests and even be a source of entertainment for those who want to learn more about mixed beverages. Guests can let loose, and you will get some fantastic pictures.

“You'll get some fantastic photos!”

Design a tasting bar for beer or wine.

Do you enjoy a great craft beer or a decadent glass of wine? Bring beer or wine tasting to your reception. Set up tables with various beverages for guests to try. Offer local as well as exotic options.

Offer lawn games.

Give guests something to do in addition to socializing or dancing. Set up some lawn games at your outdoor wedding for friends and family to enjoy. Choose croquet, badminton or horseshoes. The experience will be memorable for everyone.

Serve snow cones or hire an ice cream truck.

Summer weddings can be warm and sticky. Cool off your guests by providing snow cone machines offering flavors that match your wedding colors. Or recreate a classic childhood thrill by scheduling an ice cream truck to come rolling up to your reception, inviting guests to indulge in a creamy treat.

Set up a beautiful cupcake display.

A beautiful wedding cake will impress your guests, but an incredible cupcake display is unexpected. Create a cupcake stand that looks like a giant heart, the Eiffel tower or a bride and groom. Use cupcakes with various colors to turn it into a work of art.

Create an anniversary pinata.

Ask your guests to write a special message on a small piece of paper and stuff it into an open pinata. Then add some confetti and seal it up. Save the treasure until your first anniversary, when you can break it open either by yourself or in front of a gathering of family and friends.

Have sparklers for your send off.

Instead of throwing rice, birdseed or confetti, equip each guest with a sparkler to wave as you make your exit from the venue. This is a beautiful way to light up the night, and it will set the stage for some amazing pictures.

Book an imaginative getaway.

Leave a unique last impression by choosing some kind of unusual transportation as you leave your wedding reception. Pedal away on bicycles, ride through the water on a motorboat, hire a horse and carriage or even escape by snowmobile. Any type of transportation will do.

Part of planning the perfect wedding is adding personal details that make the ceremony unique to you. Incorporate some fun ideas to surprise your guests, show off your style, and create personal memories that will make you smile for decades to come.

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