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Making It Official

Many couples wait to get married

Today couples are in no hurry to race to the alter. In fact the average age of U.S. brides is 27 years old, the couple has likely been together for years and approximately 2 out of 5 already have kids together. The reasons for making it official may be better tax credits, so parents and children have the same last names, to buy a home or any number of other reasons for practical, legal or financial advantage that comes from tying the knot.

It may not seem like a romantic proposal being asked if you want to get married while brushing your teeth on a Friday morning before work. It is definitely not the big showy bridal gown and expensive wedding that your Mother may have had. Today’s couples are bringing together a close knit group of family and friends where everyone is pitching in and contributing to make a beautiful, meaningful celebration.

“ Their commitment goes beyond each other, family, and community to encompass the world. ”

These partners who in some ways more resemble entrepreneurs then love struck lovers have a very sweet and enduring quality to them. Something admirable and vulnerable, like new start ups with little to no capital hoping to make a difference in the world while improving their own lives. Often already entrenched in the family business of changing diapers, doing laundry and taking out the trash, they understand the demands of love and loyalty. Their commitment goes beyond each other, family, and community to encompass the world. A better future for their children, a more meaningful purpose to prosperous, and a world where peace and love mean the same thing.

This article authored by Jenny Rose of A Ring, A Rose and Wedding Bells an Officiant and Wedding Planner on the southern Oregon coast. Jenny offers personalized service to make your wedding an exceptional experience.

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