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Wedding Etiquette Tips: Getting it right from “Yes” to “I do”!

Etiquette tips from the proposal to the ceremony

When he loves you and offers to put a ring on your relationship for once and for all, there are certain steps that are taken and here are tips on how to achieve the best experience from saying “Yes” to proposal and “I do” at the altar.

The Romantic Proposal

Every lady dreams of that moment when you look all glam’d up, him looking dashing and on one bended knee, pops the question “Will you marry me” in front of your family and friends or not. Well, not all marriage proposals are like that or excitingly romantic but what matters most is at that moment you feel like you’re in a bubble of your own Disney fairytale. Engaging and planning a romantic wedding proposal is the sweetest way to take a step in forever with your partner. As a man, if you don’t have a clue on what to do, you can engage someone to help achieve the ideal setting for your wedding proposal.

Social Media Announcement and Ring Showing

After the proposal comes the announcement to friends and family. It’s best for friends of the couple who already know to keep the excitement to themselves and let the couple do the honour of breaking the news on social media first or seek their approval because for one reason or the other, they might want to keep it low-key first – maybe haven’t told those closest to them first, like parents and family members, and probably there’s a likelihood of tension from family about the engagement or rather, some friends are top priority to be told before the world.

Your family and friends expect to get a glimpse of the ring alongside the announcement, so show a picture of that cute finger with a ring on it (best to have your fingers manicured and looking lovely). No need for details of what diamonds, carat or price of the ring- we don’t care (that’s the world’s thinking) – no bragging rights.

“ Your big day involves good planning and the use of a good checklist. ”
Attendant Selection and Wedding Planner

Your big day involves good planning and the use of a good checklist. You might think you’ve got the major things covered or the money to spend, you’ll be amazed at how the little things can ruin your day. Look within your circle of friends and choose the attendants and maid of honour whom you’re sure will be dedicated and actively involved in making your big day fun. If you’re not considering covering your attendants' attire (which is typical and cuts down on your expenses), ensure that each one is capable of covering their own expenses. Doing all the work yourself will make you miss out on things before the wedding and the stress will spoil your radiance for the day, it’s not wrong to ask for some help. Hiring a professional wedding planner is the best way to stay focused and composed because they’ve got the ideas and expertise in planning weddings, they’ll alleviate the stress of planning with their knowledge and they have tried and true contacts for caterers, photographers, florist and the rest and even can help get you an amazing venue to make your day wonderful.

Dress Shopping and Appointments

Shopping for a wedding dress is a very important task and can take months of searching, with multiple appointments -for the dress, hair, makeup- try-on’s, fittings, fittings and fittings. So, immediately after the engagement, start planning and shopping for that precious dress you have in mind (which you’ve may have dreamt of since childhood). When shopping for a wedding gown, it’s best to keep your mind open to dresses offered by the stylist as they might impress you with their look and be perfect – but also be clear and firm on the type of dress you want because it’s that one in a lifetime dress. It’s common to go on such shopping trips with family and friends churning out their views, suggestions, yeahs and nahs which can leave a planner distressed; so it’s advisable to limit the number of people you take on your dress search. Pick friends or family who’s opinions are valuable to you as it will be easy to agree on something. If you’re considering a couture gown, it’s best you plan months ahead because it can take 6-9 months or more to make your dress before the series of fittings appointments. Also, never worry about a dress size being too big for you when you shop in a store, the dress will be altered to fit during fittings. You might want to consider looking trim and fit for your day by putting yourself on a diet if necessary - in the situation where your dress is made or ready for you. This preparedness applies to the groom also, that tux needs to be available for your date.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot and Hashtag

Pre-wedding photo shoots and wedding hashtags are all the thing now! Couples now add the engagement shoot to their planning and budget lists. It’s like an introduction coupled with an Hashtag telling people to look forward to their wedding. The best photo shoots involve the combination of the artistry of skilled photographers, make up artists, specially planned outfits, location and a theme showing how perfect together the couple is. The wedding hashtags are coined from syllabic parts or full names of the couple and are used on all social media posts for the couple from the planning to the wedding day. It helps the couple in gathering all the wedding pictures and posts in one place. The hashtag also creates a likely trend for the couple.

The Invites

Wedding invitations are an integral part of a wedding (I mean you can’t attend your wedding alone, can you?). Therefore making a properly detailed wedding invitation and sending them out early is proper because the invitees have to prepare and make time in their schedules for your wedding. Nowadays, there are new ways to send wedding invitations including sending electronic invitations via email rather than the paper method (which we believe its personal touch is still the best approach). The invites can be for your wedding or engagement dinner/lunch or an invitation to save the date, as a 'pre-invitation' prior to the actual invite, either way you should ensure to make your invitations catchy, well written and detailed.

Wedding Party, Pictures and Social media updates

A reception is the fun part of a wedding as the guests get to enjoy themselves with good food and entertainment. Apart from bands and performers, it’s also been the trend for the newlyweds to entertain guests with a first dance, theme grand entrance or some funky group- dance. For a memorable wedding, there must be a professional photographer involved who will capture every moment, hiring a well qualified photographer who knows how to capture the right moments saves you the worry of trying to look good for the camera at every moment while you have fun. During your wedding, you might consider dedicating one of your attendants or friends with the duty of being your social media personnel of the day. This person has the task of updating your instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter with wedding pictures and videos so the people who aren’t there aren’t missing a thing. Such posts should go with your wedding hashtag, just as any of your pictures and encourage guests to post pictures or snaps of them at the wedding with your hashtag- you wouldn’t want to miss a thing about your day!

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